Every writer’s favourite topic

Poet, novelist and memoirist Carmelo Militano invited me to chat on the PI New Poetry Show on CKUW (95.9 FM in Winnipeg). So here I am, talking about writing and talking about myself for 30 minutes.

Themes: why do you write?, favourite genres, dealing with rejection, trying to earn a living as a writer, prize culture and its effect on literature, are writers inherently weird?

And since it’s a poetry show, I close with a poem I’ve written.

In Response to the 127th Call This Week For Resistance Poems

By Bob Armstrong


Yeats should have asked a referee:

“Can centres hold, or not?”

That figure slouches still upon the burning sand.

Someone call a chiropractor, stat!

And you, ‘neath a synthetic sun,

Peer down upon your magic box,

Reciting maledictions on your foes.

Can you these tools create, repair, replace?

Could you wage war on want

Like Cana’s holy sommelier

With fixes quick (that’s bad enough),

But worse still, pre-, and worse still, suff-?

‘Gainst neos, phobes and ‘splainers

You’ll this exorcism lead

And start again at Zero Year

(“It’s been done? What’s that I hear?”)